Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Blog - Expeditionary Diplomats

Hi folks,

Hope you are all enjoying the official start of summer.

We are in the midst of the latest transitions, with Kristie and the boys saying their final goodbyes to Paris and our friends there, and Bill preparing for his assignment to Afghanistan.

The boys, are doing well, with Graham overjoyed to be done with a very successful school year Eli reigning as the ping pong, and Lincoln proving that Kristie earns the best Mother ever award when her maternal instinct (aka "spidey sense" ) allowed her to discover that he was in the process of "escaping" the bathroom through holes in the ceiling...  He continues to insist that he is returning to "Cameroon" - and I'm sure Kristie will wish that the yard in Vermont had high walls and an armed guard.

On a final note - we are adding a new blog to the site about Bills assignment - which you can link to from here, or link to directly at:


As always, best wishes, keep in touch, and happy reading.

The Swaneys