Monday, April 16, 2007

Swaneys senior tour de force

We were recently blessed with a visit by Bill's parents - street-named Nanny + Pa John

Predictably, in a short two weeks they saw a good portion of the country, made friends with the locals, and left their grandchildren asking us morning, noon and night when they are coming back.

Eating Local style in Limbe
We enjoyed a great trip to the coastal town of Limbe, where we hiked through the rainforest, swam on a volcanic sand beach, and sampled the local octopus (doesn't taste like chicken)

Intrepid trekkers heading to crater lake

Of course we spent quality time on the homefront, enjoying the pool, visiting the zoo (aka the boys bedroom) - taking some african drum lessons, and doing some shopping.

Some quality time with Nanny

Overlook of Limbe harbor