Thursday, April 29, 2010

Belle Paris in the spring

Well spring finally came to Paris, with the long warm days and return of leaves and flowers.

Even for we non-city folks, we must concede it is beautiful.

It has also brought a pleasant influx of visitors, who wisely booked early :) Summer is actually wide open, though much of the family will be in the U.S. for a good portion of the vacation.

The boys are thriving here, and have all made at least one special friend. Graham thrives on his growing independence and the excitement (and convenience for Mom and Dad) of making a solo trip to the bakery or supermarket. Eli continues to enjoy his sports and card games, while Lincoln enjoys thinking he is twice his age and three times his size... His brothers don't enjoy this as much, but the overall sibling harmony level is on the rise.

The dogs are calming down, but Cameron still can't resist the urge to chase the ducks in the pond - to the delight and occasional concern of the bystanders.

Hope all is well with all our readers

Boys setting a trap for Lucky the Leprechaun, our annual trickster visitor

Easter party at the Ambassadors Residence (yes it's good to be Ambassador...)

Dad's birthday - and my birthday rugby bear

Eli's special friend Anna

Picnic at Sacre Couer

Ahh! Those Swaney Boys...

Lincoln playing the part at his frog-themed birthday party

The visiting Glitterati

Bouncing in the Bois

Fueling up on pastries for another day
Glitterati with manservants

This is the before picture...

Sailing lessons

Boys with Ultimate Fight contestants stranded by Iceland volcano who passed their time in Paris by hosting a self-defense demonstration

Surprisingly, nobody got wet at this fountain on this day