Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paris Summer Pics 2010 - take 1

Dear Reader

Pictures will have to make up for words in trying to capture the busy spring and summer we have had in Paris - as I just don't have the time or energy, and my muses are conducting what is known as a "movemente sociale" (say it with a nice thick accent) - which is the very Parisian pasttime of going on strike :)

Accordingly, the pictures are in neither chronological or logical order - though that will come as no surprise to any of you...

Dr. Graham doing a rotation in Dental surgery with a surprisingly compliant patient...

Deep Thinkers

Pilgrimage/Cub Scout Hiking trip across the Bay of Mont St. Michel
(yeah, its a pretty cool trip, even if you go hip deep in cold saltwater)

Graham and his seperated-at-birth friend Sammy

Normandy sheep

World War II Cemetery for U.S. Soldiers

Highly Decorated Cub Scouts (though technically Graham has now "crossed over" into Boy Scouts! Luckily, although the boys are growing up Mom and Dad remain a youthful 18 and 20 something...)

A rare moment caught on film

Patriot and Revolutionary War Hero - John Paul Jones making a call to arms

And showing a more sensitive/domestic side
(Please ladies, calm down and wait your turn, we know your feelings about a man who cleans...)

Eli "Spartacus" Swaney - on a birthday trip to Asterix Park

Admiral Lincoln

And his passengers

When they were still dry

At the dolphin show
Special visitors from India - Dora and Jacob

And the Grandparents - who took them on a whirlwind trip to see every major landmark in France in one day!!! (in miniature - but still impressive...)