Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Kristie - Congrats Graham

Kristie celebrated her 38th by having a few dozen of her favorite pals over to our dance club/patio

The boys ensured that the disco ball and lights were in good working order... and did some hip-hop

The swim season finished up with a great swim meet - and lots of fun - thanks to coach Shirley!

Lincoln enjoyed the school science fair - because his teacher had the good sense to do things that required action

Kristie and her class put on a great show also - with Graham doing a great experiment on electricity.
We don't have a picture - but Graham won a VERY prestigious competition for a video he made about life in Cameroon that will help families coming to Yaounde (or thinking about bidding on a job here) what it's like. His infectious enthusiasm and unique commentary impressed the judges, and he collects the prize money (yes) - in July from a very special MC. (More on that later).

Cameron continues to be an active member of the family - and is shown here picking on her brother "Scout"

Cub scouts is coming to a close after a good year - the boys are shown here at a nearby village where they coordinated a giveaway of clothes and toys for local kids.

The village is no more than 5 miles from us as the crow flies - but is a world apart from our daily reality
Another school activity has been "Heely" class (cross between sneakers and rollerblades) - and the older guys are shown at a presentation they did at the annual school bazaar.