Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to School

First - our big news

Our next post with be PARIS!!!!

In a very unexpected turn of events we ended up with a very nice job that we hope will let us see much, much more of our family and friends than Cameroon - and which should allow for an easy transition back to U.S. living for the boys... Please book early, and this time we really do mean it :)

Anyhow, after a wonderful summer we have settled into a busy but very nice school year - with Graham enjoying a tiny class of 6 students with the coolest teacher at school - Mrs. Swaney. The other boys are doing well also, particularly Lincoln, who needs the structure and discipline that school provides, but who has begun to show a lot more of his kind and gentle side. For Bill - work is much more civilized with new and talented staff on board, and many fewer applicants.

As a result we are mostly focused on enjoying Cameroon and Africa, which we are really, really going to miss - and not just because we no longer have the appropriate calluses for cooking or dishwashing...

Some of our recent fun:

The weekend kickball game on the Embassy lawn

Graham enjoying some pool time with some less-fortunate Cameroonian orphans
(If you're looking for a way to touch the lives of some special kids who have had a rough go in life we can vouch for the head of this unique orphanage -

Boys dressed up as future veterinarian, kung fu champion and soccer star for spirit week

More spirit - pajama day

Some local friends and (very) extended family

Kristie's favorite day of the year - opposite day - when she finally gets three little girls



Taking in a soccer match with fellow teachers and tennis coach

Lego Man

Cub Scout Pack 1 Yaounde holds its first ever Pinewood Derby