Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A La Prochaine

Goodbye Cameroon!!!

It was a busy last few months as the Swaneys 5 wrapped up our tour in Yaounde and said our goodbyes to a place we will carry in our hearts forever.

We can't possibly recount the whirlwind of events and tearful farewell events -nor can we express our gratitude for all of the kindness and friendship shown to us.

To sum it up - while we are excited about the next adventure in Paris we left an extra large peice of our hearts in Cameroon, and are looking forward to our next visit.

Below are a few highlights from the farewells, and our (ongoing) rest and relaxation in the U.S.
For those of you wanting the scoop on Graham and his moment of fame, my father put together a short video of the award ceremony that is available at Unfortunately Secretary Clinton had to cancel, but it was a really nice event and both Graham and Yaounde got a lot of attention and compliments.

One of the many, many farewell dance offs at the pool

Eli and his Posse at his B-day party

Yaounde Cub Scout Pack 1

Kristie and our Hip Hop guru

Highlights from the American School

Visiting in Vermont

July 4th Parade with Cousin Jackson and Family

Lincoln enjoying a spin on the tractor

Boy battle by Lake Champlain