Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011

After a very two months we felt the need for another indulgent vacation to wrap up our time in old Europe, and took advantage of super cheap tickets (long live Easy Jet) to Greece.

As you'll see, we had a fabulous time, thanks to our excellent tour guide/son Eli, and (mostly) great weather.  We even managed a pilgrimage to Marathon in honor of the fact that Kristie and Bill completed the Paris marathon on the first Sunday of our April break.

The family is thriving, Lincoln had a great birthday, and has decided he skipped ahead a full year and is now claiming to be 7.  Eli continues to enjoy gymnastics and ping pong, and Graham is currently in an intensive technical/linguistic immersion experience in the south of france with Kristie's old host family where he is learnign all about horticulture from a genuine expert. Preparations for the family move to Vermont, and Bill's year in Afghanistan are coming together steadily, with excitement and anxiety rising in parallel.  We are likewise looking forward to catching up with family and friends back at home over the summer and beyond.

As always we hope all is well with you, and enjoy hearing from you, even when we aren't great about keeping in touch.

With love,

The Swaneys

Messenger of the Gods begins his epic run from Marathon to Athens

Amphitheater at Epidavros (intended for theater, used for mortal combat among siblings)

King Eli - ruler of Mycenae

With his trusted advisors

and others...

Queen Kristie + consort

Temple of Apollo - at Delphi

The Sun God himself


One of MANY churches


The Parthenon

View of our the docks in Rafina and our ferry to the islands
(note the fisherman tenderizing the octopus)

Streets of Andros

Catch of the day

Marathon finishers