Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February Update

Dear friends and family

2011 has gotten off to an excellent, but exhausting start. The boys are very active with their gymnastics (Eli), swimming (Graham), and kickboxing (Lincoln) - Gotcha! but Lincoln figures out how to be active. Mom and Dad are now beyond the point of no return in our training for the April 10 Paris Marathon, having now sacrificed too many hours of our morning to scratch that item from our bucket lists... On the positive side, it saves us a dog walk.

School and work are similarly busy, and Bill's July departure to Afghanistan is looming large on the horizon. Fortunately, a ski trip to Austria is the next big adventure, which should be a nice escape from the city.

Hope all of you are well and getting a good start to the New Year

The Swaneys

Graham and his buddy Sam at the Space museum

Hiking outside Versailles with the Scouts

Lincoln and Nanny posing with Buzz Lightyear's ship

Another satisfied Grandson

Holiday Party with the Neighbors

Shark Attack!!!

OK not a shark, but...

The closest Bill gets to being artistic

Xmas morning

The Traditional New Years Fondue