Monday, January 8, 2007

A Wet and Wonderful Christmas

The annual "stair shot"

Well it didn't snow - but we did have a festive and fun Christmas.

We had a really nice Christmas Eve with some good friends, and combined three sets of traditions to make a fun evening that included donut balls, taco salad, and our own personal Xmas pageant. Not quite the same as a snowy evening with our families, but special and lasting in its own way.
Angels and a cow
and Mary and Joseph
Singing with our pal Leora
To our relief Santa did find his way to Yaounde - with a sleigh full of goodies. He and his reindeer were very well provisioned by our three very enthusiastic elves. All of them had full stockings, though there were chunks of coal at the bottom - particulary for Lincoln who has gotten an early start on the terrible twos by acquiring a hitting habit, showing an truly impressive stubborn streak, and (of course) making full use of the Swaney frown.

As usual Santa was very well informed, and the big gift was a "Water Totter" - which is a teeter-totter that you use in the pool. Amazingly - despite heavy use (indoors and in the pool) we haven't had any serious accidents yet.
Accident Report - to be filed

Mom and Dad enjoyed the holidays by relaxing at the beach (see next posting), and breaking out the dancing shoes for a New Years outing with friends.

Overall, a really nice holiday spent with good friends - with plenty of relaxing time as a family.

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