Monday, November 27, 2006

Giving Thanks in Yaounde

Kids Table
Thanksgiving was a busy day chez Swaney - with a total headcount of 26 (11 kids - 15 others). We had a nice mix of Cameroonians, neighbors, co-workers, workers, and friends, and even managed to do OK with a partially defrosted turkey.

It was another chance to give thanks for what our time here offers - time as a family, an escape from some of the more invasive/corrosive aspects of U.S. culture, and a perspective on how fortunate we are to be Americans and to belong to a flawed but honorable, and idealistic nation.
We are also blessed with material wealth that is dramatically more evident here.

Big Kids Table

Successful as the day was - we are looking forward to a quieter - smaller Christmas holiday celebration

Lincoln with our neighbor/future babysitter - Juliette Beighle

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