Monday, January 8, 2007

Graham's Birthday at the Track

At the starting line

This year Graham decided this year to celebrate his 8th birthday with a racing party at the "Chuckie Cheese of Africa" - the local go-kart track. Some of his best pals were able to come out to start their Xmas vacation in style - and the parents got into the action as well. Even Mom took a spin.

Our friends the Sousa's won the driving awards - Thomas was the best/safest driver (though Eli was a contender) - while William was the hands down favorite for the most fearless award after a very memorable lead-footed adventure that featured excellent driving, a spin out, and some very scared parents.

There was the obligatory cake and games like pin-the-checkered flat-on-the-racetrack with the movie "Cars" as the theme.

Graham getting a good look at the race with some help from his friend Richard

Fun and Games

Lincoln getting into the act (as usual)

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