Sunday, September 2, 2007

Summer Vacation - Part 1

As much fun as we have in Cameroon, we were quite ready to go home and impose on the hospitality of our family and friends. We started in the woods of Tennessee, hit the beach in Cape May, and then headed to the north country.

On the Trail

Kristie and the boys met up with the Stinchfields in the Smoky Mountains for some camping fun

Mighty Minnows

The boys enjoyed swimming with their aunt and uncle in a nice big cool lake

Free Rider

Predictably, Lincoln got his uncle to do all the hard work and enjoyed all the extra attention

Surf Bums

We moved on to the sand and waves, sharing the beach and an ice cream or three with Nanny and Papa John (Bills parents), Aunt Kathie and cousins Katie, Mike and Jackie.

Ladies on a stroll

Kristie, Kathie and Katie enjoying another perfect evening at the shore

Boy fun
The boys particularly enjoyed having an older brother for a while, and Mike didn't seem to mind having some wanna-be's hanging around

And they're off

The little guys gave us all a run for our money - but the grandparents still held their own

Beach Heaven

The ocean was unseasonably cold - but Mom was ready to warm up chilly boys when needed

Nature Camp
The older boys really enjoyed learning about nature, touching snakes, and generally enjoying opportunities and facilities that Cameroon doesn't offer them

Mayhem in Maine

Next we headed north, stopping to see our old friends Bart and Sush - of bush medicine fame

(our new Bush Medicine blog is

Then we had a nice visit with the other Swaney cousins, building forts, playing in the sprinkler and seeing just how many bubbles a jacuzzi tub can make

Gotta Adore Smores

What can I say, it doesn't get any better than this

Puppy Love

Lincoln found a friend and role model in Jon's new dog Rugby

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