Saturday, September 8, 2007

Summer Vacatiion - Part 2

We wrapped up our vacation in Waterbury, VT enjoying the peace and quiet of the Green Mts.

Slip Sliding Away
The boys had a great time on the industrial size slip-and-slide designed by Bud Graham

Eli Adventures
Eli particularly enjoyed a birthday gift from Auntie D and Uncle Ben, who took him on the Alpine Slide at Stowe, on a special hike, to the ice cream shop and more.

The Wonder Twins
Bud Graham and Uncle Ben admiring the Nerf rockets being shot by boys of all ages

Get Rhythm
Graham really enjoyed showing off his new skills during a very unexpected jam session on African drums with drumming sensation DJ Farraday (aka Uncle Dave)

Biking Buddies
We found another opportunity to soak up americana on the Stowe bike trail, enjoying the family, gorgeous scenery, a great meal, and even a refreshing swim in the creek

The Swaney, Graham and Frey family

Easy Rider
Lincoln enjoyed himself so much in Vermont that he ran away when we were trying to leave, and had to be enticed back by offering another tractor ride with Bud

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