Sunday, November 26, 2006

Photo Album

A few quick photo highlights of our time in Cameroon

Left- visiting the ape rescue center outside Yaounde - where the animals are as interested in us as we are in them

Right - The boys making friends during a roadside picnic

On the road in Northwest Cameroon - near Jakiri

Left - A car, cow and people ferry at Nachtigal falls north of Yaounde where the boys went fishing with our neighbors

Right - View from our street - (technically it is Rue 1770 but no names are ever used)

A view of the Ndop plain - Northwest Cameroon

Left- Hiking up to Crater Lake

The Dja river - Souther Cameroon - sadly no pygmy elephants were bathing in the river that day

Left - Bill brushing up his surgical skills with our friend Bart Muhs

Right - The locals (pygmies) - showing their appreciation by doing a traditional dance

1 comment:

Adrienne and Jim Connolly said...

Hey Five,
This is going to be so fun to see everything through your blog and get a flavor before we get there. Tell those geckos they'll have to pack up and move elsewhere come June!
We can't believe how much the guys have changed since the last pictures we saw!!
Will the next blog entry perhaps feature photos of the new appliance in action? :)

Love to you,
Connollys 4