Saturday, February 6, 2010

Paris highlights

Well, winter in Paris has turned wet, which just makes it colder than snow - and much less fun to play in. Cameron remains undeterred by the freezing waters of the duck pond (and our efforts to prevent her escapades) - but has not yet caught any waterfowl.

The boys are enjoying school activities, especially a gymnastics unit (see below) - and some special friends. Eli is suffering a bit of teasing from having a friend who is a girl - but seems more than willing to pay that price for his special friend...

We also had the chance to meet Secretary Clinton when she came through town. The boys got to shake her hand, Dad was relegated to fetching papers and beverages for her... Typical.

Hope this finds everyone well

Nightly Ping Pong Tournament Chez Swaney on our high-end custom made table

Eli at Gymnastics

Iron Graham

Lincoln showing some of his "moves"

Boys meeting Secretary Clinton

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