Sunday, February 21, 2010

Band of Brothers - Part I

Being in France it was a particular pleasure to enjoy the "Fraternite" of a frat house veteran - and lifelong role model, my brother...

Sneaking in before the summer rush on our guest bedroom, we squeezed in full itinerary on a long weekend - hence the need for two installments...

Our big boy day started out with braving the cold for some sightseeing

Strolling along the Seine - note the fashionable man purse

Hitting the classic sights - and for the record we did actually go inside -
and did not pretend to be Quasimoto (while inside)

Then a short break to warm up

Ooops, that's the wrong picture -
(of the "agile bunny" in Mont Martre)

This is was our break from the cold
(a nice warm fondue dinner in a cozy Latin Quarter restaurant)

and an obligatory stop on the way back home...

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